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wood engraving page.

Gravure sur bois

We offer an exceptional engraving service on wood items. We can personalize both flat and cylindrical objects to commemorate your special occasions or corporate events.

The process by which we engrave wood is using a knife-cutter tool. The engraving is actually grooved into the wood.

This technique does not alter the wood color in any way. If the wood has been stained, varnished or painted, a contrast is usually seen on the item bringing out the engravings.

Example: If a piece of pine wood (which is very light in color) is painted with a dark paint i.e. brown, forest green, or burgundy or is stained, the contrast is amazing. The white of the pine wood contrasts beautifully with dark backgrounds.

Woods that are darker in color as oak or walnut, contrast less. Nevertheless, the engravings are visible.

We offer the reproduction of your company logos, designs and drawings on wood items.

The required files to reproduce these logos and designs need to be in a:
– vectored
– black and white (no greys)
– converted to curves
– and saved in an EPS format
– Also note, PDF files may also work.


If you have any questions regarding wood engraving, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We welcome you to visit our engraving studio in Montreal where you can see first hand the workmanship of our wood engravings on display.

Below you will find pictures of wood engravings on various objects.

Gravure sur bois
Gravure sur bois
Gravure sur bois
Gravure sur bois
Gravure sur bois