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mirror engraving page.

Gravure sur mirroir

We offer an exceptional engraving service on mirrors. We can personalize these mirrors to commemorate your special occasions or corporate events.

Two types of engraving techniques are possible. Depending on the size of the mirror, we have diamond or sand-carvings available.

There are two sides to engrave on mirrors. One way is to engrave in front of the mirror (reflective side) and the other is in the back of the mirror (painted side). Each side gives a different effect to the etching.

There are also two ways to engrave on mirrors. One way is a surface etch, the other is a deep carve.

A surface etch can be achieved by using both engraving techniques i.e. diamond or a sand engraving.

A deep carve, as the word suggests, is “digging” or “grooving” into the mirror.

In our experience , diamond-point and sand engravings are the best methods to engrave and personalize mirrors.

We offer the reproduction of your company logos, designs and drawings on glass items.

The required files to reproduce these logos and designs need to be in a:
– vectored
– black and white (no greys)
– converted to curves
– and saved in an EPS format
– Also note, PDF files may also work.

If you have any questions regarding engraving on mirrors, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We welcome you to visit our engraving studio in Montreal where you can see first hand the workmanship of our mirror engravings on display.

Below you will find pictures of our mirror engravings:

Gravure sur miroir