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bottle engraving page.

Gravure sur bouteille

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to engrave and personalize many different types of bottles. These bottle engravings commemorated a special occasion or corporate event.

We offer wine bottle engraving, alcohol bottle engraving as well as perfume bottle engraving. We have also engraved on olive oil bottles, oil & vinegar bottle sets, maple syrup bottles, cosmetic bottles, coloured bottles and clear bottles.

Engravings can be done on full or empty bottles. Our engraving method does not in any way affect the liquid in the bottle. Once engraved, we add a colour to the bottles which enhances the engravings.

These beautiful, personalized one of a kind engraved bottles become prized possessions to those who receive them.

Generally, for wine bottle engraving or alcohol bottle engraving (aka liquor bottle engraving) we engrave in the back of the bottles. The back label is removed to give us a greater surface area to work with. The front labels are kept to identify the bottle’s contents. We have also engraved bottles with all their labels intact.

We do not engrave on champagne bottles or any other type of bottles with a pressurized liquid inside it, such as soft drink or beer bottles. Sahara Studios limits champagne bottle engraving only if the bottle is empty of their liquid content.

We strongly recommend that you do not engrave these pressurized bottles for safety reasons, as these have been known to burst. In one case they found shattered glass at 50 feet away. This is the reason why we have stopped champagne bottle engraving.

We offer the reproduction of your company logos, designs and drawings on the bottles.

The required files to reproduce these logos and designs need to be in a:
– vectored
– black and white (no greys)
– converted to curves
– and saved in an EPS format
– Also note, PDF files may also work.


If you have any questions regarding bottle engraving, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We welcome you to visit our engraving studio in Montreal where you can see first hand the workmanship of our deep etched bottle engravings on display.

  • Here is a partial list of wine bottles we had the opportunity to engrave on are:

– Amarone Valpolicella
– Barbaresco
– Barolo Cannubi
– Bourgogne Aligoté
– Bourgogne Chapitre Suivant
– Caymus Cabernet
– Chateau Duhart-Milon

– Chateau L’Escart
– Chateau Evangile Pomerol
– Chateau Jolys
– Chocolate Block
– Flaccianello della Pieve
– Fontana Morella
– Francis Coppola Merlot
– Jean-Marc Brocard

– JP Chenet
– La Cardonne
– La Crema
– La Fraisière-Pinot Noir Bourgogne
– Le Macchiole
– Liano
– Luna di Luna

– Monasterio de las Viñas
– Oakbank Cabernet Sauvignons
– Pian delle Vigne
– Rene Bouvier Pinot Noir Bourgogne
– Ruffino Chianti
– Ségla
– Sterling

  • The following is a partial list of different alcohol or liquor bottles we had the pleasure to engrave on:

– Aberlour Scotch Whiskey
– Angels Envy
– Balblair
– Barrique Castagno
– Belvedere Vodka
– Camus XO

– City of London Dry Gin
– Clase Azul Tequila
– Dalmore
– Gentleman Jack (Daniels)
– Glenlivet
– Glenmorangie Scotch Whisky

– Grand Marnier
– Hendricks
– Jack Daniels
– Jagermeister
– Jameson
– Johnnie Walker Blue Label

– Johnnie Walker Black Label
– Juan Santos
– Macallan Scotch Whisky
– Porto Cabral
– Remy Martin XO
– Romeos Gin
– Yuzugin

Below you will find pictures of our bottle engravings. Most of these bottles are sand carved to obtain a deep-etched look and then are painted to enhance the engraving.

Gravure sur bouteille
Gravure sur bouteille
Gravure sur bouteille
Gravure sur bouteille
Gravure sur bouteille
Gravure sur bouteille
Gravure sur bouteille
Gravure sur bouteille